This crazy amazing Foundation

I have been on the search for the best foundation ever. I’ve tried a lot of them. All brands…from the expensive crazy ones from Nordstroms to the least expensive brands you get from Walgreens. The problem I have with foundations is that I don’t like to feel them on my face. I want them to go on, make my discolored spots go away and I want to forget its on my face.

Now, in all my years of doing makeup, the ones I’ve tried and absolutely LOVE on myself and my clients have been Makeup Forever HD Foundation and Laura Mercier’s oil-free tinted moisturizer. But I have one that I love even more! It’s the perfect coverage botanical foundation from Limelife by Alcone. Yes, I am a beauty guide for them, but I am truly speaking this from the heart.

Why do I love it so much?

Aside from the price difference, what I love is that this product is wax based so it sits on top of your skin and glides on so smooth leaving it looking and feeling like real skin. It’s also 50% pigmented which means that you get a full color pay out with a little bit of product….in other words, a little goes a long way and this stuff will last you a long time. Other professional/high-end brands give you about 18-23% pigment while our drugstore versions give even less. What I also love is that you control how much coverage you get. So, by using a foundation brush you can get medium coverage, by using a dry sponge you can get a full coverage and by using a damp sponge and/or mixing with your favorite moisturizer or oil, can get a more sheer coverage making this foundation perfect for all people! Another thing that I’ve learned about this product is that a few people who suffer from acne have been noticing that their skin is clearing up since using the Limelife skincare and this foundation. The reason I believe this is happening is because the foundation does not clog your pores and just sits right on top of your skin. It’s healthy for the skin! I’m telling you, this is pretty amazing stuff.

This foundation formula comes from RCMA (The Research Council of Makeup Artists) and it is one of the top selling pro foundations worldwide! Yes, you heard that correctly. Makeup artists who work on celebrities such as J-Lo, Kim K and Beyoncé have all used this foundation. If you’re a YouTube follower of Kandee Johnson, you’ll see that she’s used this brand in a ton of her videos. Wayne Goss, another artist I love to watch, has a video named “Probably the Best Foundation in the World” where he demos and goes on about this exact foundation by RCMA.

So, here is what’s in this foundation:

*Vegetable Oil

*Pure Waxes

*FDA approved colors

*Does NOT contain any animal product ingredients

*Does NOT contain perfumes, lanolin which can cause allergic reactions on some people

*Does NOT contain petroleum or mineral oil which are not absorbed by the skin and causes excess oiliness on the surface.

This stuff will last throughout the day than many other foundations and requires less touch ups! So, if you’re looking for that perfect foundation, I definitely recommend you give this a try. Get ready to have a flawless face!!!

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