The Smoldering Eye

How many of you love the Smokey eye look but find yourself with raccoon eyes or feeling like you do not look extra hot but more like a hot mess? Haha. Trust me. I’ve been there many times. But today, I’m going to help you master that Smokey eye look so you can go out with the girls feeling like you are the hottest chick in town! (well, I mean with your girl posse too who are just as hot!)

Ok, so first step in this Smokey eye is to prep your face. Make sure you’ve got your primer on your face and on your eyelids. You want this Smokey look to stay put all night, so the proper base will aid in keeping this hot look stuck on you for hours and hours. I always prep my eyelids with Urban Decay’s primer potion in Eden. There are 4 different “shades” so to say. You can use any. I like Eden because its a neutral color that really evens out my entire eyelid.

Start with your eyes before you do any other makeup on your face. The reason for this is, with some darker shadows, you will get fallout. So, you’ve got your flawless face on and then you go do your eyes, black shadow flakes fall all over your cheeks, you go to swipe it off, BAM! You made a mess and have to redo that awesome concealer and foundation job you just did. So, start with your eyes.

I always do my transition color first. Your transition color is the color you use in your crease that will help fade from that dark lid color to your brows. I usually do a color that’s not skin tone but slightly darker. In this look, I used Blush Hour from Limelife by Alcone as my transition. Use a fluffy crease brush to apply this all over the crease. Once that’s done, you start with your most intense lid color. Here I used Dial It Black by Limelife. Now, this is where it can get messy. What I do to avoid a lot of fallout is I use a concealer brush to apply the color. The bristles are nice and compact and the brush itself isn’t fluffy but more stiff, so it will keep that color packed tightly. Once I have product on my brush, I spritz it with a little water. This makes the shadow more creamy than loose powder causing less fallout. When I apply the color to my lids, I press it in. I do not rub. And I take this from my lashes all the way up to my crease. I think take a smaller fluffy brush, add dial it black to the brush and sweep it very lightly into my crease and very slightly above. Do not take the black too high up the crease. This is basically just blending away the harsh line from applying your lid color. Once you’re done with that, I go back in with my transition color and fluffy brush and lightly blend the crease color out so you have no harsh lines. The last thing I do is apply a highlight color under my brow bone. I used Cream Boat by Limelife to just pull everything together.

For under the eye, you have several choices you can do. Here, I decided to follow it through with the dial it black and ready, jet set, go! all the way under. You can do the black on the outer half only, you can use a glittery color instead of black…its up to you how you want to finish this look off.

Finish off your look with curled lashes and mascara, fill in your brows, do your flawless face now and fill in your lips!

I hope these tips helped. Remember, doing your makeup is fun! It shouldn’t be frustrating and there are no rules so let loose! enjoy making faces!!!

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