The Self-Care Kit that keeps you smiling!

This past year has been CRAZY! Being quarantined, told you can't work, see your friends, hug family, it puts a huge stress on so many people. The one thing that has kept me going and always put a smile on my face were these amazing Clean Beauty Kits created by Cassandra McClure. Every month, I would get one of these and it seriously not only brightened up my day, but my kiddos even got excited when they saw the box with Cassandra's beautiful face.

These kits have a little bit of magic in each of them. Packaged up with love by Cassandra and Leila, these boxes deliver an array of products that consist of clean, good-for-you ingredients and made right here in the USA. The kits introduce you to brands that are up and coming or that you may have never even heard of. It's so hard knowing where to begin when you are just starting out on this clean beauty journey, but this box simplifies it all for you!

January's box was filled with some amazing goodies not just for me, but even for my puppies! I was so excited to see products from Pup Wax! Have you heard of them? Neither did I! This line is incredible! I have a shih tzu, Harley, and a chihuahua, Panda. Both constantly lick at their paws and I have noticed their little noses being a little drier than normal. Applying a small amount of this pup wax made such a difference! This organic skin treatment helps to protect against the elements all while being gentle and effective! It is available in 3 different formulas; Vegan, Original and Luxe. I have the vegan pro and love it. Here's another fun thing, they have bath bombs for us dog moms too! WHAT?!?!? The Oat & Float smells so delicious and is so super soft on your skin. It's not only self-care for your fur babies, but it's self-care for you too!

In this January box, Cassandra also includes a set of her AMAZING press on nails! This little box of sexy comes with a mini nail file & orangewood stick, some nail glue and glue stickers for a less permanent application, along with a set of these gorgeous sparkly, crystal adorned nails! Speaking of crystals, Crystals of the Cosmos has included a mini Chakra Balancing Kit as well! This is awesome because each crystal aligns with a chakra point in your body. They are small enough to fit in your pockets or even your bra and will help bring some positive energy into our lives! I'm so ready to feel that good juju flow while I toss my hair back and check my fancy nails!

There are so many incredible brands in this box and I cannot wait for the February box. I hear it's Galentine inspired! WHAT?!?! If you need a little pick me up on these rainy days, grab yourself a Clean Beauty Kit! Enter my name, Lisette Weavil, at checkout and Cassandra will throw in a free little goodie!

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