My Passion Planner

I am someone who is bad at keeping up with a planner. I've tried a gazillion of them and would typically get bored after a month of using them. I even had one I spent $40 and NEVER used it. Someone gasped at that...I heard it. lol

However, I discovered Passion Planners last year and honestly, this is the first time I actually kept up with this! What's so different about this one? It starts you off with a passion roadmap. Kinda got the juices flowing and I was able to create a map of where I see myself 3 months from now, a year from now and even what I want to accomplish in this lifetime. It was kind of cool to just brain dump everything I desire and see it all written out on paper with colorful ink.

After you create your roadmap, you choose a few things you want to focus on now and create another smaller roadmap on how you're going to achieve this. It really helps put things into perspective and allows you to create these attainable goals to use throughout the year.

Once you have your roadmap set up, the planner then breaks up into quarters. At the end of each month in the quarter, you reflect on what you did over that month. Things that were

memorable, things you were grateful for, 3 things you can improve on in the upcoming month, etc. It's a great way to recap your month. What's even more awesome is that for each week, there's a little box where you can reflect on the good things that happened.

This planner allows me to have fun while I map out my goals. It has definitely helped me stay on track during quarantine and keep a positive mindset during all of this. I could go on and on about this but one thing is for sure... this has been THE BEST purchase I have made in planners. If you are looking for a great planner, I highly recommend checking out the Passion Planners. You will not be sorry.

Stay safe my friends!

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