Magical Moments

This trip to Kona happened when two friends decided a little exhale from our everyday lives was needed. We’ve had so much more than just an exhale. I have been on a personal journey to learn more about myself and how to love who I am. I joined a woman’s group a while back that has helped me grow spiritually and has opened my eyes to things I’ve never thought I could possibly do on my own. They had a women’s retreat out here in Kona back in July that Sally and I were unable to attend, but we followed their journey and decided that when we came out here we wanted to explore the places they had been. Oh the magic we have experienced over the last 6 days…

Hawaii is said to be one of the most powerful and sacred areas in the world. Some say the 7 islands are the earth’s Chakra points…each representing a different chakra energy. This was so interesting to me that I wanted to explore more. So we looked up the different vortex areas and special spots out here. Yesterday Sally and I went to explore Kealakekua Bay. To get to it, we drove down this 2 lane highway and down some really windy paths. It was gorgeous and so peaceful driving to this beach. Here they say snorkeling is really amazing and you can see spinner dolphins relaxing as well. It’s very rocky, not a sandy beach, so you do have to be careful. When we first got there, as we were climbing across the rocks I could feel the energy of this area. There was a warmth and presence that wrapped its arms around my shoulders hugging me. When we got to the rocks closest to the water, I just sat and took everything in. I was talking to Sally about what I was feeling when all of a sudden two beautiful yellow butterflies swirled around myself and then around Sally. OMG the feelings that took over me at that moment were so overwhelming. It was magical feeling! We looked up what yellow butterflies signify and found that when two yellow butterflies fly around you, they are bringing guidance, happiness and prosperity. Yellow butterflies are also a sign of hope. We stayed here for a little bit just enjoying the beauty of the land, the magic of the water and just embracing this beautiful experience we were given.

So, if you are ever out here in Kona, do a little research and visit some of these gorgeous spots. If you’re open to receiving what this land has to offer you spiritually and emotionally, you are in for one extremely magical time.

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