Fear is for Suckers

Normally when i fly, i have this ritual i do. Make sure I’m wearing my Saint Christopher necklace, sit in my window seat anywhere between rows 14-16, close my eyes and say in my head “God, please let us get there safely. Please please please let this be a smooth and safe flight.” And i repeat that over and over throughout my flight as I sit with hands clenched tightly.

Today, something told me to try something different. So, I sat at the first available aisle seat, I turned on my Reiki Music Soundtrack and started my meditation, which i have never done in public. Take off was so smooth and when we leveled out I wasn’t panicked like I normally am. I felt calm and relaxed.

I picked up my book “You are a Badass. How to stop doubting your Greatness and start living an Awesome Life” and started to read…

Chapter 19 “Fear is for Suckers”. It talked about how fear is all in your mind. You control how you handle and react to a certain situation. Jen Sincero talks to you about how to think things through, stop procrastinating and just do it! Would you rather live life regretting never trying something? Or would you rather live life knowing you tried everything you ever dreamed? The way you think is what you will bring into your life.

Fear is all in your head…Last summer the company i worked for had a singing contest. My cousin texted me and told me to enter. I seriously contemplated and stressed out over just entering my name into the damn thing for a straight 24 hours. All you needed to do was enter your email. No audition. Nothing. I kept thinking “I’m not good enough and if i did get chosen, what if they laugh me off stage?”. Well, i finally decided to sign up with the notion that i never win anything. Well, the Universe had plans for me…

I received a call, the day before this big performance, that I was chosen to sing in front of 10,000 people AND Kara Dioguardi. Had I never entered my email, had i said NO when i got that call because i was scared, i would have missed out on one of the most amazing opportunities of my life. I got to show people my talent and inspire other women to go for their dreams. I got to live out one of my dreams as a child, even if it was only for a few minutes. It was such an incredible experience!

So take it from me, you can’t let fear guide you on your decisions or you will never lead a fulfilled life. Take chances. Believe in yourself. Have fun. Get on that plane knowing that you’re heading to another great opportunity that has been given to you or sign up for that contest that can give you that 5 minutes of stardom you’d always dreamed of. And most important, in the words of Jen Sincero, “LOVE YOURSELF. And you will be invincible.”

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