Comparison is the thief of joy…

I saw this on Pinterest and really liked it, so i thought I’d share it. We often compare ourselves to others. Where they’re at in life compared to us, what they’ve accomplished vs. what we haven’t, how they look & how we look, etc. You have to realize that everyone goes at their own speed. What we see isn’t always the whole truth. You don’t see others struggles…you see their happy highlight reel of life. Understand that, you are perfectly you. You are successful at the things you put your mind to. You are beautiful or handsome and a very intelligent and loving being. Be grateful for what you have and what you’ve accomplished and be excited and supportive of what others have achieved. Stop comparing yourself to others. If you continue on that path, you will never ever be happy. Start loving you and your journey. Be grateful for the life you have, and the experiences you’ve encountered. Then you’ll see all the magic of gratitude. 💜

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