Cassandra McClure’s Clean Beauty Kit:The Subscription Box That Will Transform Your Clean Beauty Life

When I started my clean beauty journey, I was completely overwhelmed. There is so much to look for when it comes to what is clean and what is not. How do you know what ingredients to look for? How do you know if you’re not just being “Green washed”? Yep, that really is a thing. How and where do I even start? If you are on your own clean beauty journey, I completely understand where your mind may be at. And I’m here to help!

Back in February, I was lucky enough to attend Cassandra McClure’s Clean Beauty Retreat. Honestly, this is where my life changed completely. I met amazing women and brands who all were on the same mission as me; to find clean and healthy ingredients and products that I could trust to use on myself and my family. Being a licensed esthetician and having my own practice, I knew I wanted to focus on holistic healing and with that, I needed several brands that I could trust and knew would give my clients the results they were looking for.

There were talks at the retreat of there being a Clean Beauty Con and I knew I had to attend if I was going to learn anything more from trusted people. Unfortunately, this is when Covid hit and threw everything for a loop. Cassandra though, she had other plans. She wasn’t going to let this affect her mission of getting cleaner beauty into the hands of others, and so, Clean Beauty Con Virtual Summit was born. I attended every single summit, learned so much from each presenter, and I was even lucky enough to be a presenter just last month! It is such an honor to be a part of this truly life changing movement.

When you signed up as a VIP for each Summit, you received what they called a Wellness Tote. It was a box full of amazing goodies; from skincare and makeup, to haircare and body products! I LOVED receiving these boxes because it took all of the guess work out of finding clean beauty brands and literally delivered them right to my doorstep! These were so popular, that in July the very first Clean Beauty Kit launched. OMG! These kits….my friends. This is not your ordinary subscription box.

The Clean Beauty Kit takes your beauty game to a whole new level!

If you are on this new adventure to better your life and those you care about, you need to give this box a try! For $49.99, you will receive a beautiful box full of amazing products, new brands, and clean, sustainable beauty for all aspects of your life, every single month. Now, I have been a subscription box junky for years. I have done IPSY, Birch Box, FabFitFun, you name it, I’ve explored it, but the Clean Beauty Kit is unlike any I have tried. I love that because of this box and Cassandra’s passion, I have up’d my clean beauty game. I’ve tried products and brands that have completely changed my life and even have my kids and family loving these cleaner products.

Curious about what comes in them? Follow Clean Beauty Kit on Instagram (@CleanBeautyKit) and follow me on my page (@LisetteMichelleBeauty). I go live every month with each box and share with you what I received. Some of my favorite lines (Koe Kombucha, Masami, MisMack Cosmetics, Orpheus, Kari Gran, Pampered Soaps, just to name a few) have come from this box. You can subscribe for your very own box at And here’s the cool thing, if you mention my name at checkout (Lisette Weavil), they’ll pop in a FREE goodie just for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Take the guess work out of where to start and let the Clean Beauty Kit introduce you to clean beauty that will leave you healthy, happy and glowing!

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