Beauty and the Beast

Have you ever thought about the beauty products that you put on to your skin? I get up every morning, shower, wash my hair and body, slather myself in lotion, put on deodorant, use my hair products, put on my makeup and skincare…pretty normal routine for all of us right?

Did you know that it takes less than a minute (26 seconds is what’s claimed) for what you put on your body to reach your bloodstream? Yes there are a lot of factors to put into this. It all depends on the size of the molecules, etc etc…it gets nice and scientific, but think about it. Your skincare penetrates deeply and quickly into your skin. Imagine using a super fragranced product or something that has a lot of harmful preservatives and chemicals and then smothering them all over your body. Anything you put ON your skin CAN penetrate and get into your bloodstream.

Our skin does act as a barrier. It keeps all of our internal organs and fluids inside of us while protecting us from being bombarded by a lot of harmful things in the outside world from coming in. Now even though our skin protects us from lots of invaders, it can’t protect us from the smaller chemicals that can penetrate the barrier. For example, have you seen the medication that’s given by wearing a patch? These patches have chemicals with small molecular builds that allow it to penetrate our skin. The same goes for skincare, body and even hair products! A lot of the chemicals used are too big in structure and won’t penetrate, but there are those smaller chemical structures that can. So be aware of what you are putting onto your body. Just because it smells good or lasts a long time, doesn’t mean its healthy or safe. It could, in the long run, end up in your body and wreck havoc.

If you’re curious about the toxicity of your products, whether you want to keep using them or not, check out this app that I’ve found helpful for the last few years. It’s called Think Dirty. You can scan your products and see toxicity levels or how safe the product is. I’ve emptied out a lot in my bathroom after doing this. Even tossed a ton of makeup! It’s scary!

Do your research. Find out what products are more clean and natural. Trust me, you want to do this for your body.

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