Bamboo Renew Body Scrub

Ok, let’s talk about some body products offered by Limelife. Today I want to tell you a little about our Bamboo Renew. This one is pretty awesome. It’s a daily scrub that gently foams, exfoliates and leaves your skin lemony fresh and silky smooth.

Some of the ingredients in it are:

Walnut Shell Powder which is a natural exoliator that helps remove dead and dry skin cells.

Milk Thistle which is great for moisturizing and helps with skin aging!!

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice which helps fight against aging and treats acne as well as moisturizes your skin and helps lessen stretch marks!

But I want to tell you about a few more ingredients that I think are awesome in this product.

Bamboo Powder is an effective yet gentle exfoliator that helps prevent wrinkles by fighting the free radicals that cause premature aging AND it leaves the skin looking absolutely beautiful. Did you know that bamboo is used in lots of Korean skincare because it’s not only hydrating and anti-aging BUT it also helps speed up the healing process!

Algae and Rice Extracts are used because they are firming agents. That’s right! Algae helps hydrate the skin leaving it feeling soft and supple and it also detoxifies the skin. Where the Rice Extract acts like an astringent which will help tighten pores. It also stimulates blood flow and leaves the skin smooth and bright.

Rose oil is my absolute favorite oil hands down. It has moisturizing, antiseptic and astringent properties which helps to treat acneic skin. It’s anti-inflammatory so it helps treat redness and inflammation…basically calms and soothes irritated skin. And it can help refine skin texture and help heal wounds. Amazing!!

Vitiver Oil…now this oil is amazing all by itself. It is a healing oil. It can help heal small scars and diminish the appearance of stretch marks. It’s also hydrating, an anti-inflammatory and is anti-aging because it is loaded with tons of anti-oxidants.

The Bamboo Renew is a great product for exfoliating your body everyday if you wanted but it is great for when you’re about to use a self tanner. It’ll smooth out your skin allowing the tanning product to go on more evenly. Have fun pampering yourself!

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