It’s amazing how the littlest things you do can make your day feel super accomplished. My brother moved out of our house a couple months ago. Although I hoped he’d come back haha, after a couple weeks I took over his room to use as my little sanctuary/ makeup space. At first it started off cluttered…in came my massage table, my waxing supplies, a vanity, some drawers and all of my stuff. Haha. It was a hot mess. Until today. What made me decide to clean up and get it in order?

When I worked for Laura Mercier, I attended a training where we started off with how to feel accomplished in your day. Laura had told some of the trainers that you should start your day off not on your phones in bed answering emails or checking FB or social media. The first thing you should do when you get out of bed is make it! Make your bed! Simple as pie right? When you do this, you’ve already set yourself up for a successful day! She also told them that you should never have a full basket of laundry. Every time you see all this laundry, it’s like your procrastination. The over flowing clothes reminds us of all the overwhelming stresses we have in our day to day life and how we can’t finish anything. So, don’t let your laundry overflow! Wash those clothes asap. And like seeing a made bed, every time you look at that laundry basket that is not overflowing, you’ll feel a total sense of accomplishment!

So, today, that’s what I decided to do. Well, I didn’t make my bed. That will start tomorrow haha, BUT I did my laundry and I tackled this room which I’d been wanting to do for a while now. I feel like I can now work in here and be comfortable and positive thoughts flow through me easily. No stress. I love how it turned out in here that I’ve been in my room all evening actually getting a lot of stuff done!

So tomorrow, start your day off with a short meditation. Get out of bed, make it, and watch the amazing day you’re gonna have and how accomplished you will feel.

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